Betty - Blue Rolls Royce Silver Spur

The Rolls Royce Silver Spur is a 1988 LWB 6.8 litre automatic 4 door model, which we have named 'Elizabeth' but affectionately call 'Betty' is an immaculate example providing pure elegance and luxury. The beautiful long lines of the bodywork, gleams with a lustre finish of midnight blue metallic and the finesse of the chrome detailing provides an impressive display and presence. The winged magnificence of the Spirit Of Ecstasy (Also known as the “Flying Lady”) flies in grandeur over the crest of the bonnet which is all you would expect from a car of such provenance.

The interior of this car is probably the best example you could wish for in a classic car of this age. The solid wide doors are beautifully adorned with inlaid polished walnut detailing, positioned over a magnolia leather lining. The seats present thems
elves with same soft magnolia leather inlaid with deep blue leather piping, which adds pure comfort for you to enjoy the ride. The car has the luxury of a long wheel base which ensures adequate leg room and accommodation for the bridal dress and train. The car drives superbly and provides an effortless passage, with the added sensation of gliding to your destination in style. Sit back, enjoy the experience and allow the Chauffeur to wait on your every need, such as addressing the doors and conveying you in the manner to which you would expect of the occasion.

Take a look at our New White Rolls Royce Silver Shadow MkII page, research has indicated that this car is going to be very popular.  Please see the 'Gallery' for more photographs.

Jaguar S Type
We also have available for the groom and/or bridesmaids can be delivered to the ceremony/reception in a rich metallic blue ‘S’ Type Jaguar 2.5 V6 SE automatic 4 door model. The similar matching livery allows a beautiful procession of cars to the wedding venue.

The interior of the vehicle consists of soft cream leather seating with plenty of room for a comfortable ride. White ribbons adorn the front of the car to ensure the passengers are made to feel truly part of this special occasion and celebration. This well-built car provides a beautiful smooth ride which also has full Chauffeur service.

This car may be retired from the general fleet in 2018.

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